Our Privacy Policy.

In this ocean of networks We have unluckily been abused by certain elements. RegTel Communications condemn such uses of the internet. We believe Internet should be purely a mean of information and good business communication. Some of our privacy policies are as under.

1) WHAT information is being collected

If you are simply visiting our site NONE of your information including your IP addresses, browser tags, user origins your addresses, email Fax etc. Your browsing this site is a pleasure for us but we do not want to bug you for it.

If you fill out a form all data is sent by secure email to us and we guarantee that your information remains purely with us. We do not put your info on any other un-secure server nor we sell it to any 3rd party, nor we use it for our own emailing unless you have expressed a wish.

2) WHY the information is being collected

Your data is kept in our records With the help of that we can send you the necessary reply, confirmation of your booking or if you have subscribed to our ezine we mail you the ezine.

3) WHEN that information is being collected

Only when you fill a form and hit the " Send" Button.

4) WHO will be using that information

No one except us.

5) WHERE the information is actually stored

In the hard drive of our main server.

6) HOW to remove or modify that information

Simply send us a return email mentioning about the removal. We remove your name address manually leaving no flaws


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